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an audition for the show. i went and performed in front of loren michaels. >> larry: just him? >> they have you do impressions and the original characters and if you do any music, do musical impressions. i was an impressionist. i wanted to do different characters and voices. everyone tells you loren's not going to laugh. the guy's putting the microphone, good luck, dude. loren's not going to laugh. don't worry about it. he's seen it all. no problem. i go into the makeup room. the girl's like, oh, you look great but, loren's not going to laugh. just know that. he doesn't laugh. he's seen it all. i go, okay, okay, great. i go into wardrobe and they're like, here you go. you look great. loren doesn't like to -- i go, i heard you. what's this guy's problem? i do this. i'm so scared. everyone tells me he's not going to laugh. i do impressions. one point i do adam sandler and he starts laughing and puts his head in his hand. and he starts laughing. no one had done adam sandler. i was like, wow. my moment. this is the coolest thing. >> larry: hire you right there? >> no. i just felt it light there
this occurring how are the roads looking at this hour. loren cook has the traffic edge úeport. >> hhllo jeff. heavy rains% makinggfor very hectic commute tonight if traveling across the bay bridge here's route 50 wherr it is really going to be jammed theree no 2way traffic cross the bridge tonight. as for the belt way whhre you can see cars are moving alonggup to speed. do want to use reduced speed at all costs as the rain does continue o fall. if you are traael on the jfx you want to watch out for a downed tree at -úrock road and ffooding on smmth aveeue and cotton worth avenue. we have a crash in howard county along the northbound lanes of interrtate 70 and ore floodinn in andarundle county at 176 and glen byrne shut down central aveeue and unfortunately flooding persist as ww make our way to baatimore county where therees a significant amount of flooding in dundawg. north point road shut down at king street and eastern avenue and mill river flooding shut down route 7 at moors lane and headdup route 7 in harper couuty and shut down at fashion way. 95 not looking like it's bad a
. will the niners recover? will they beat the saints? is this the end of the world? here's "sport sunday's" loren scott. >> with so many questions, we're hearing plenty of talk, yet sometimes the real answers can be found in the lives of a child. so we have come to the city of good living, san carlos, where the kids know the score. we're at arundell school, choz noted alumnae is barry bonds. but today's talk is all about football. who will have a better record, 49ers or raiders? >> probably 49ers. >> i'm going to say the 49ers. >> i only watched the halftime, but once when it was halftime, 49ers was winning. >> in your opinion, does alex smith have what it takes? >> yes. >> why? >> because he might have what it takes, because he might do anything that makes it feel good. >> do you buy into the whole alex smith yu needed a second year offensively with a coordinator? >> i don't watch it so much. >> that's fair. if your home room teacher was frank gore, but byron westbrook came in as a substitute teacher, who do you think you would like more? >> what was the names? >> if breakfast is the most import
in the parade are loren parker and nancy phelps. after the break, we are told anybody is welcome at the fair. >> the university of virginia set aside time for students and faculty today to discuss stopping domestic violence on campus. it was prompted by last spring's killing of a student, yeardley love. a performance this morning came before some words before the universities for -- president. she said she hoped that breakout discussions would help comfort students and create a more caring community. >> we are not going to get rid of anger, hatred, drug abuse, and all the rest of the things that might be recalled as, but what we can do is at least be a little more responsive so we know what is going on. >> and used the organization -- a new student organization helped with the day. >> tonight hollywood is remembering a popular icon of the 1950's and 1960's. >> according to a new report, six of the seven fattest nations all have one thing in common. we will tell you what it is. >> i want to make sure if i get this answer wrong, i cannot be held for perjury. >> find out why stephen colbert was
. hello loren. >> ww have trouble on 95 where a tractor-trailer has caught fire in andarundle county northhound lanes at route 175 and if you are travellnggto -úthe tunnel it's slow only 23 miles per hour along the traveeing tt the harbor tunnel due to earlier disabled vehicle. we haveeproblems oo where an accident justelt way and take a live look youeck inp% nntice quite a bit of congestion. 5 miles per hour along the innerrloop lanes as we mmke our way to the top side oo thh belt waa. only gettworse. here at york road we look at very ssow 15 miles per hour along the inner loop..% wiil remainnheavy as you make the puss to parkviile. we haae an accident to watch out for m middle river involving a motorcycle that is right on -úmiddle river road that's tte traffic edge rrport, back to >>> thank you lauren. celebrating a new ediiion. student hhre gathered in the completion f tte new school building, facility has new scienne and computer labs. phase 2 of the projecttwill finish this spring. >>> afterrthe big wait hurricane eerl is almost here. >> track how strong and expected to
is given each year by the japanese imperial family. italian actress sophia loren also receive the award for her cinematic work. -- also received the award. do not go away. >> welcome back. opec, the oil or tell -- the oil cartel, was set up in 1965 by five countries, iran, iraq, kuwait, saudi arabia, and venezuela, as a way of formulating policy. today, the organization is facing a number of challenges. it has to balance supply with the increasing demands for oil in many parts of the world, and it has to ensure that the prices remain stable. we will be examining the world's insatiable need for oil and whether there are any viable alternatives. first though, we look at consumption and production across the planet. >> the unquenchable thirst for oil by humanity has led geologists' to search almost anywhere for the black gold. whether land or sea, drilling goes on on every continent. the largest quantity is extracted in the middle east, in megatons. the former soviet states, north america combined. australia and asia produced 380 megatons, slightly more than latin-american. europe accounts
reform. >>> and happy birthday to italian acting legend sophia loren. she turns 76. >>> all day long you can stay on top of the very latest developments in those stories and others as they break on msnbc. and tonight be sure to watch brian williams with "nbc nightly news." and finally, here's a look at what's coming up later this morning on the "today" show. details on what's next for actress lindsay lohan after she failed a court-ordered drug test. >>> and an exclusive interview with identical twin brothers who are suing the founder of facebook, claiming he stole their idea. >>> and now keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather, sports and more. i'm lynn berry. thanks for watching "early today." just your first stop of the day, today, on your nbc station. have a good one. -- captions by vitac --
. you sort of watch it under the bleachers with loren and it's like triage more than anything else. which of these can we save? which do we say good-bye to? >> larry: what goes to you when a bid is not work something. >> it depends on why it's not working. it can be the shooting is -- cueing was wrong, it can be that the audience is not interested, it can be that it's just too long. >> larry: what happens like if it's all three? >> if it's all three, it's left alone and tiptoes quietly out of here. >> you know if you're under the bleachers and loren starts talking about other things -- >> did you have a nice summer? >> sometimes when they don't go well and you look at other cast members, it's very hard not to laugh. when you say that line. >> larry: when it's not going well? >> yeah, you nope the line that's supposed to get the laugh and it's silent and you look at the other person and you're like, i have four more minutes i have to do this. >> the first joke bellwether doesn't work, you're like that's with a the best one. >> those are the times when you become so connected with th
notice bedbugs, because they cannot all go away unless you work together. loren had bedbugs and it got rid of them by working with her neighbors. >> i did discover an infestation and it did turn out that are adjacent evers had had them for several years. >> the city health department is taking this very seriously. they are having eight or nine different meetings over the next four months to address this issue. if you would like more information on the meeting or information on how to deal with bedbugs, we have provided links on our website, >> the ravens and steelers are gearing up for another one of the classic battles. >> baltimore travels to pittsburg for sunday's matchup. it is a game that is crucial in the division. the rivalry always delivers a classic. pete gilbert reports from owings mills. >> the ravens and steelers offer one of the best rivalries and all the game. it is interesting to look at how different parts of the squad be the rivalry. the offense tends to be focused, brief, and to the point when it comes to talking about pittsburg. the defense let's at least
. if you are a 12-year-old boy and watching a movie "boy on a dolphin" and sophia loren crawls up and is stand thrg on the deck boat with the see through top and water driping off her skin and on to the boat. if you are 12 years old and watching that and still want to] bleep --] bleep [the captain of the boat, are you gay. >> that should be the begin of every editor's letter for the end of time. just that one on repeat. >> what if it was "gilligan's island" and not that. >> well that is questionable because gilligan's gender was questionable. >> what if it was flipper? >> yeah, people are flipper naysayerses say it was only built for things to come out of it. >> the professor. >> definitely the professor. >> what could obama do to get your vote in 2012? >> admit he is wrong, but it is not going to happen. not on everything. say, listen, i miss played this. it catching up to you. at some point he hate to admit it, and i don't know how smart he is, but he would use his genius through the america he sees in his mind's eye as opposed to what he sees in front of him. at some point he n
after 9/11, it does, you know, make you nervous. again, i think we are adjusting, i think loren countes are adjusting -- middle eastern countries are adjusting, but i would suggest to you that islamic radicalism, not necessarily al qaeda, still remains a problem. all you have to do is ask the dictators in the region whether they think so, and i think they'll answer yes. >> bob, do you think there was something counterproductive in the way -- has our retion produced a kind of -- has it embroiled us in, you know, places around the world? bin laden said once in one of his interviews, he said all we have to do is to send a few, a couple ofdi jihadis to places, y the banner of al qaereda, and t american generals come running with their armies. >> well, he's right. i mean, 9/11 provided the opportunity to invade iraq, which had nothing to do with al qaeda. and today we are i engaging in what i call blood feuds in pakistan and waziristan with a tribe in waziristan. and now in yemen apparently we're getting into a blood feud there. so this inability to define terrorism and islamic militancy is
evils given some of the nut cases in various parts of the country. loren writes, i don't think there are any incumbents running in illinois. they've either all been r someew and next election that person will be incumbent. vote for the best candidate, period. if the person running is a lunatic, should i vote for her just because the alternative is an incumbent? bill writes, better to vote for a career politician or a wannabe career politician? is there a difference? none of the above needs to be amoong the ballot choices. i sense the right type of individual for these jobs is either too smart to want it, unelectable or both. dave in orlando writes, okay, i give up, why would you? and keith in ohio, is this a trick question? there needs to be another lever for the voters to use in the election. that would be "flush." if you want to read more on this, you'll find it on my blog, file. >> see you tomorrow, jack, thank you. >>> a new development on the fierce battle over at the u.s. open and jeanne moos is next. goes everyday. driving home nails quickly and easily i
? >> not making it up. >> by the power vested in loren petterson. somewhere in there, a voice came into my ear. >> voice just came into my ear to say move along. anyway, let's talk about this story, ice, you know what that is. the immigration enforcement agency in our country. they go around the country and do audits of different companies to see whether or not there are any undocumented workers who are employed there. apparently, a new study has come out now to say maybe ice needs to get some glasses because they apparently have been turning a blind eye to companies that hire a tremendous amount of illegals. did you see the report, guys? >> yeah, i saw it. it's unbelievable. they found out, for example, over in texas, 93% of the work force was there and had problems with their paperwork. let's start with the california company. 93% of the workers had problems with their documents but instead of finding them, getting rid of the people and making massive arrests, telling the c.e.o. come with me, nothing happened. not even a fine. illinois company, dubious documents found near 8 in 10 employees
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Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)